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't dampening the spirits at the union square ice rink in san francisco. skaters were out in force despite the gray skies and occasional downpours. >> it's the best way to get in the holiday spirit for christmas. got any gingerbread latte. ice skating in union square, under the tree, it's the best. >> the union square ice rink will be open through the holidays. >>> for the latest on power outage, storm damage, and weather updates all day and all night, you go our website, >>> the quiet community is still reabouting to this news that a resident was killed in his home this week. this is the first homicide in that community in decades. nbc bay ear's kimberly terry is there for us. >> reporter: diana, police here continue their investigation, friends and family of that victim are warping the loss of their loved one who they identified. well-known millionaire, former owner of the famed winery. killed in his home yesterday. friends around neighbors say they're shocked and saddened by the news. it's first homicide in 40 years in the upscale neighborhood. the police say they got a
in the union: our territorial governor! [cheers and gunfire] - when mr. kilgore graciously invited me to his ranch for some hunting, i gladly accepted the opportunity to renew my acquaintance with this great territory of ours. i know we have certain problems. once again, indians and white men are watching each other over their gunsights. we must put an end to that. we must establish reason, justice, and peace. because only then can i stand before the congress in washington and say what i say to you now. this territory must and shall become a state. [cheers and gunfire] - i continue to press for statehood, along with the others, governor. but it's only because i don't want to discourage them. frankly, i just can't see our being granted statehood, not for so long as indian troubles keep us looking like a raw frontier. - mr. kilgore, we have a denial from mr. muller, the indian agent. - what does muller know about it? - red hawk's young men come climbing down off that reservation any night they please. they steal calves, broncos-- anything they can lay their hands on. - well, is there any evide
are not as big as expected at the union square ice skating rink on a saturday but those out there say they're enjoying it. >> the best way to get into the holiday spirit for christmas. gingerbread latte. ice skating under the trees. the best. >>> officials are warning people to be careful along the california coast. the weather service issued a high surf advisory today that's not keeping people or their pets from hitting the water in some spots. swells are expected to be 14 to 16 feet along the northern california coast. and high surf is also predicted as you can see here in southern california. surfers out in manhattan beach put on quite the show today. >> it's pretty incredible. it's exciting to watch. pretty amazing. >> very big. fun to watch the surfers go. >> lifeguards in some southern california beaches say in addition to the high surf there are high bacterial levels and they're trying to keep folks out of the water. anthony slaughter has look at what's going on around here. there is a big storm coming our way. >> look at those guys surf. it looks so incredible. in fact it's very da
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3